Saturday, February 14, 2015

# 617


  1. Well, I realized that I didn't click publish - or I don't think I did - on my comment. I just said that on all your latest ones, I feel as if I'm looking down from above at the happenings on the ground. Or maybe I'm totally way off. You seem to be moving in a different direction in your work, though, and I find it interesting!

  2. Thanks Connie. Yeah I think that is a good way of describing it. We usually look at a painting as if it were a window and not a surface. Our brains look past all the interesting things on the surface trying to see into a distance that does not really exist. Illusionary space is not that big of a trick. I think a painting that works on more than one level is. So.. what I have been trying to do is use pieces of photographic depth (which are close to what the eye actually sees) to create my flat surface. It is kind of the reverse of what is done in classical painting.